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Puerto Rican

Puerto Rican

Favorite Place - The Beach

Favorite Place The Beach

Favorite Food - Mofongo

Favorite Food Mofongo

KFNYC at Warsaw Salsa Congress

Hobby Salsa Dance

I am 100% Puerto Rican currently living in NYC.


On a regular basis, I work as a Branding Account Coordinator for a High-End Brand Agency. As of now, my blog is a side gig and a reflection of my passion for traveling. Twice a week I go to rehearse with my bad-ass ladies salsa team in NYC and this it's one of my hobbies. As a benefit of being a member of the team, you get to travel locally, nationally, or internationally.

This complements my love for travel and dance.

I also try to go stay active and healthy and as much as I can I workout to keep my body in shape and healthy for the daily routines and travel adventures.


Through my blog, I strive to inspire others to live fully, enjoy the moment no matter how basic that might be seen. The 99% of my adventures are not on a solo travel experience, I am grateful because I get to share them with family, friends, teammates, or sometimes even with my coworkers.


As you will see I love going out to events such as concerts, movies, comedies, plays, museums, or even just a simple casual outbound to a bar, lounge, or game nights.

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