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A Visit to Some Major Landmarks in Seville

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Plaza de España

All the places I visited on the second and last day in this city before I move on to the next one.

We walked from one place to the other. Most of the landmarks are nearby each other. It is so nice walking around the city, there is so much to see, and the weather was perfect. The architecture of the buildings, the amazing gardens and monuments around the city are to gaze.

Most of the places I visit on this day take a long time to roam around and to get to know the story of each one.

Royal Alcazar of Seville or Alcazar Palace

Declared by the UNESCO a World Heritage in 1987. It's one of the emblematic buildings in the city. The official name is the “Alcázares Reales de Sevilla”, or the Royal Alcázars of Seville.

The tour can last about 2 to 3 hours.

***Recommendation: get your tickets ahead of time, they are mostly sold out. The entrance will be only granted for the exact date and time of your ticket.

More information about dates and times here.

Cool Fact: it was used to filmed season five and six for the Game of Throne HBO TV series.

Plaza España

Located in Maria Luisa Park. Have a semi-circular shape. Built for the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929. Currently, the building houses various government offices.

A beautiful work of architecture. It's a must-see, you better walk through the halls and check all the details in the columns, walls, ceilings, and floors.

There's a canal from one point to the other of the plaza, this is known as "The Venice of Seville". You can rent a small boat and row in the canal.

You will spot the beautiful ceramic details all over the Plaza. This is one of the unique designs here.

In front, surrounding the building there are 48 pavilions, each dedicated to a province of Spain. Ceramic tiles are better known as 'Azulejos' placed as mosaics that are used to illustrate the art, symbolism from each of those regions. Shows the name and map of each province.

Maria Luisa Park

Opened to the public for the first time in 1914. The primary urban park in the city that encompasses the entire southern end of the city. The 'azulejo' decoration will be spotted here as well. There are sculptures, fountains, and monuments around the park.

Take a stroll around to see the beauty that surrounds this park and gets connected with nature.

Plaza of España is located here. Near by the park and the Plaza are the Teatro Lope de Vega and Fabrica de Tabaco.

General Archive of the Indies

Better known as 'Archivo General de las Indias' in Spanish. Is the repository of extremely valuable information, it houses important documents and maps about the Indies, Spain Empire, and history of the discovery and conquest of the New World. Originally built in 1573.

Free admission.

Avenida de la Constitucion

it's an important public road of 600 meters long in the center of Seville.

Some of the places located along the avenue are:

  • Plaza Nueva

  • La Adriatica Building - from 1914 & 1911. It is a unique building, it's have a beautiful architecture that does not go unnoticed.

  • Puerta de Jerez

  • Hotel Alfonso XIII

  • Banco de España

  • Archive of the Indies

and more.

Places to eat:

During the day I bought some snacks in the carts that are in the street corners, or small stores that I found around. I tried some local cookies, chips, ice cream, and other snacks.

Breakfast at Restaurante Mateos in Seville

Restaurante Mateos - We had breakfast at this location. Such a good, healthy breakfast. Service was great and it's a cute place.

Triana District

There are multiple places to eat in this area. I just remember that our taxi drops us by the Mariatrifulca and Ro&Ma Tapas restaurant, and from there we continue walking along Calle San Jacinto, but I don't remember where we end up having a light, quick dinner. It was late and we were exhausted after touring all day around Seville since early morning. I remember seeing many places to eat. I was on a phone call while in the taxi and our driver was mentioning a few places to eat. Here I own you some recommendations.

I have more pictures from walking around the city. Also, I went to some souvenir stores, there are so picturesque, and the people are so friendly. I love the vibe of Seville. Really, really cool and yes the Flamenco, the culture it's big in this city. Love it!!


If you have been in Seville please share with me your experience in the comments below. Did I miss something? Do you have other recommendations or questions? Please feel free to ask me below.

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