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Charco Cuyon a Hidden Natural Pool in Aibonito

The green life - scenery full of fresh air at the top of the mountain in Puerto Rico.

Our day trip this occasion was to visit Charco Cuyon located in Aibonito, Puerto Rico. The road that takes you to this hidden spot will show you some amazing views from the mountains of Cayey, Aibonito, and Salinas. You will cross these towns between the curves that you will take on the way to the pond. It is so amazing how you can be in so many places, in such a short time.

To be honest, I forgot to pin and save the exact location for this place, but it was pretty easy to get here. Depending on the traffic and your driving through the curves from the highway it’s about 20 minutes distance. This 'Charco Cuyon' is located at Barrio Cuyon, in Aibonito.

The entrance to the path that will take you to where the pond is located is next to a private residency.

There is not a lot of parking as this is a residential area and the streets are a bit narrow.

Be aware that the path to get to the natural pool isn't so easy. I will recommend wearing some closed shoes, and a pair that can get wet or covered by mud. There are some plants, muds, small parts of the river you will have to cross and also go over some rocks. It’s like 10 to 15 minutes' walk from the entrance to the natural pool. Again all depend on how the soil it’s on the day of your visit and your path.

Here are the pictures of this place:

* If you are visiting any of this natural environment and bring food, drinks, or anything else, please clean after yourself, take the garbage with you and leave the area in good condition. Let’s take care of the environment and ecosystem.

On our way to this natural pool, we saw another spot for awesome pictures and a great view, but we decided to stop by after our main attraction. This another spot it’s known as La Curva del Árbol Renace which means The Curve of the Tree is Reborn.

It was perfect because by the way we were leaving the Charco Cuyon it was sunset time.

There are other amazing water bodies - natural pools located in this town and nearby this town.

One of the popular places nearby is Charco Azul in Aibonito. I will try to check this place on another day and let you know more about it.

In the comment section below let me know if you have been to Charco Azul in Aibonito before or have a recommendation for other places in this town. You can also ask me questions.

Also, share your experience with me using #IamSetGo

Have a beautiful day!

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