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A Day in Jayuya City

Jayuya is known as the tomato city but also for the coffee and its indigenous historical places. Located in the central mountains of Puerto Rico. Jayuya means “the indigenous capital”. You can get to know the Taino heritage in this city.

There is so much to do in this city, so many places to visit and it also offers you magnificent scenery.

This was another day trip in Puerto Rico with my dear friend Lyann you can follow her on her Facebook page Tropicaleo Photography. I am always excited to go around exploring everything that has the island to offer to the locals and the tourist.

Cafe Hacienda San Pedro

You can taste the amazing coffee serve at this historic place. Visit the museum and shop to get to know more about the history of this family’s own place. The coffee it’s grown and collected by hand. 100% Puerto Rican coffee.

The Cemi Museum

I was able to enter the lawn area but the museum perse was closed at the moment due to the global situation of Covid-19. Still, you are able to walk around and enjoy the outdoor area. One of the first things you will see it’s the big Cemi structure and the word “HAYUYA” which is the way Tainos used to write it. There is a line of trees and in between, there are some swings where you can...

What else can you find on this spot? Well besides the view of the “twin mountains” in the back as I personally call there are: Casa Canales Museum, indigenous art walls designs around, benches with the name of the city engraved, and much more on this location.

Cafe Hacienda Tres Picachos

Coffee shop house, there are some attractions like the wooden suspension bridge beautifully decorated with the Puerto Rico flag at one of the ends, arch across the bridge with Christmas lights and the artificial flower known as Pascuas “Poinsettia”. Under the bridge, the river crosses the area.

Other things you will find are:

  • Water Mill

  • Small ranch with a beautiful white carriage and a swing.

  • Farm with chicken, turkey, guinea, and more exotic birds.

La Piedra Escrita - “The Written Stone” in english

It’s a big white rock carved with petroglyph by the Tainos date back between 600 and 1200 AD.

The entrance is located behind “Hijos del Canaveral” restaurant that is closed at the moment. You will find a wooded boardwalk, you just have to walk down all the way to where Piedra Escrita it’s located. Along the walk, you will be able to appreciate the beautiful green scenery, the sound of the river, the astounding images created by the trees and mountains.

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