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Cabo Rojo A Puerto Rican Paradise

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Red Cape in English. This town offers so much, specially things to do outdoors from a day at the beach to mountain bike trails, and cool hikes with amazing viewpoints. You can enjoy a variety of activities that let you connect with nature. It's located on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico. Did you know this town have 18 beaches? Well, now you know!

The Beaches You Must Visit:

Buye Beach

The beach is so nice, have a turquoise color, and calm shoreline waves. At the principal entrance you will find a restaurant known as Macamba where you can get some food mostly empanadillas or fried appetizers, and drinks. Right in front of the restaurant by the sand it's the banana boat rental tent. There's a gift store, rental cabins and the trailer area. Bathrooms are right next to the cabin near the parking lot area.

At the main road (307) you will find some other restaurants.

Combate Beach

Another beautiful beach with clear turquoise water. The parking lot is limited. Most probably you will have to walk more than 8 minutes to get to the beach. There are some restaurants but depending where at the beach you are you will have to walk along the shoreline to get to the path to connect to the street where all the restaurant are. Most of them are right on the shore.

Balneario de Boqueron

This beach have a long shore with a nice parking space. There's a bridge by the entrance that connects you to the popular area known as El Poblado de Boqueron. Here you will find restaurants to have a full meal or how we say it here in PR "pa' picar", kiosk to get some oysters, pastelillitos or pinchos, water sport rentals, gift shop and other clothing stores. At night time it's very active and you'll be able to enjoy live local music bands. There are plenty of places where you can get a drink, beer or a shot of chichaito. It is a fun area.

Playa Sucia or Playuela

When visiting this beach make sure you bring snacks/munchies, drinks, towel, etc. There are no places around to buy food or drinks. It is a protected area. You must walk/hike to the lighthouse and appreciate the view points around. Be careful is you walk near buy the seaside cliff. Parking is limited and it's off road.

On this area are the Salt Flats, depending on the season you might be able to appreciate the beautiful pink tones

Other places to visit in Cabo Rojo or (Red Cape) are:

Monte Pirata Bike & Hike Trail

This is a mountain bike area, but you can also hike along the trail, there are some short cuts as well. The starting point have the best view, ocean view with a mix to the forest. Such a perfect combination of the nature environment. Be aware of the cyclist around.

Remember to bring a snack bar and water to keep yourself hydrate along the trail. It get humid, and hot. Through the trail you will walk over rocks, dirt, tree roots and lots of leaves, so be careful. Wear comfortable clothe and shoes.

Where to Stay:

There are plenty of places to stay at from Paradores, hotels, AirBnb, apartment/trailers or house rentals. Some of the places are not listed online, but there are plenty of places to stay in.

We stayed at an AirBnb near by Buye Beach, Orange B Living. A small building apartment with few apartment options. Easy access, each apartment have a parking assigned, there's a remote control to open the principal gate. Simple and cute bohemian decoration.

Where ever you go, please always remember to take your garbage with you, keep the areas clean!

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