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A Hike to Pico Rodadero in Yauco

One of the best panoramic views in Puerto Rico. Let me start by saying that it isn't an easy trail, it is a short trail but it goes pretty steep in some places. You might have to go through mud areas like in my experience, so I recommend you wear the appropriate sneakers/shoes for the occasion.

The famous rock, area is well known as Pico Rodadero or Cerro Rodadero and it's located in Yauco, Puerto Rico. The words pico and cerro both mean peak.

There is a part with metal cables and it is the best thing because it helps you to hold on on your way up or down. Once you finished going up this part you will get to the first spot, the first panoramic view of the trail. This is where the giant yellow cross is located. To continue to the Pico Rodadero go left and go over the rocks. This is another challenging part.

You will need to climb up some big rocks to get to the area where the rock is. The view indeed is amazing. Breathtaking! This famous rock is right on a cliff and it is very dangerous and scary up there. Be very careful if you try to climb up.

The rock is right on a cliff, is scary on top of it, but the view it's breathtaking.

I won't recommend it if rained a day or two before or even during the day because it gets very slippery, there are areas with a lot of mud.

The day trip didn't end here, I will share in another post the rest of our adventure in Yauco. All we found during this day trip.

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