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Beautiful Places Discovered While Roaming in Madrid

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Plazuela del Conde de Miranda

I wanted to share with you the images of the places I found while touring in Madrid.

The places were discovered while walking from one place to the other.

Madrid is a beautiful city!

Plaza del Conde de Miranda

Elbow Alley / Callejon del Codo

This was an alley that we crossed and it was so cute that I couldn't contain myself from snapping some pictures.

We discover these plazas while walking randomly, we were on our way to the Royal Palace.

Plaza de la Villa in front of Casa de Cisneros

This small plaza is know as Plaza del Conde de Miranda.

Statue: El Vecino Curioso (The Curious Neighbor)
Puerta del Sol / Gateway of the Sun at Night

What about Puerta del Sol at night? Really crowded, people watching the lights, getting to the Metro of just crossing to go somewhere. I crossed the plaza to get to the restaurant near by known as La Negra Tomasa, I was celebrating my birthday that night.

Something I couldn't do and check out from my list was having good social dances. I wanted to check the Latin places in Madrid, I had heard that the community is very active in Europe and it was on my list but after touring all day long around the city at night we were exhausted. Although some of the days depending on which city we were we had to wake up very early in the mornings to move to another city.

In other details - I love the culottes (the pants) I chose to wear that day. They were super cute and comfortable. I got them last minute on a quick run to a store back in NYC. The top was casual and I use a neutral color that will match everything. I also wear comfortable shoes, mostly sneakers if I know I'm going to be walking a lot. You can never go wrong with white, it goes well with everything.

Always check the weather and temperature so you can prepare yourself. Check the what are the best season in the areas of the country you will visiting. I don't think you want to go when is the rainy season or too cold.

Let me know on the comments below what are the thing or places you find when traveling to Madrid. Have a good trip and always make it the best no matter the length of the stay!

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