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Bohemian Style in the Woods

A very simple white bohemian look with a touch of brown and nudes. Surrounded by beautiful trees and fresh air.

Nowadays there isn’t much to do and therefore there aren’t dress-up occasions but my friend and I decided to do some photos around while enjoying the outdoor areas in Puerto Rico.

Photography is something we like to do, either in front of or behind the camera. We have different points of view in terms of what we like to shoot or what to capture but it is fun when we do it together. Most importantly we are having quality time as friends, doing something we both love.

This, our first shooting, creative work in Puerto Rico was in a pine forest. You can follow my artistic friend on her Facebook page Tropicaleo Photography.

Here are some of the pictures, check them out and let us know in the comment section what do you think, did you like this look? Also, what about you? Do you have a signature look/style?

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