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Flower Crush

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Loved this floral look planned at the last minute. I went with a natural makeup look, just adding some color on my lips and I love to see my curls taking life, especially in these pictures.

My friend and I found some colorful walls and they end up being perfect for this tropical photoshoot. The pop colors make the whole outfit stand out. We also move from location and didn't really spect this public park to be as stoning as it was. Look at the benches made from tree trunks and plants, it is so beautiful. The shooting took place in Puerto Rico.

The earrings so unique, the style and pop color five a touch of life and it stands out from my face. Adding to the accessories, I have a small face and it is so difficult to find glasses that go with the size of my face, and these glasses fit perfectly, the thing I love the most is the shape of them.

Now let's talk about the floral print of my dress and the off-shoulder look, it's just simply fantastic, it makes my skin tone pop and exposes more of my neck and face. It has a great balance, it isn't too much or too little. The silhouette of this dress goes so well with my petite, curvy body. I combined it with these cute simple heels from Aldo's.

This shooting was also a collaboration with my dear friend Lyann, her Facebook page is Tropicaleo Photography's. I am not the best at posing for pictures, especially like the supermodel type, but I am letting myself go with the flow and trying to level up my confidence with it.

Do you like this tropical look? Do you feel inspired? If so, you should take some pictures with your own tropical version and shared them with me, and use the tag #iamsetgo.

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