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Memorial Weekend in Puerto Rico

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Puerto Rico

These past months have been of many changes, and challenges, we are in a new stage a new way of living. The coronavirus, Covid 19 have change our lives, quarantine have not being easy, but it has made us grow as a person, reinvent ourselves, have patience and appreciate the small details and moments of life. It's haven't being easy for anybody, but together we are and we will get through all of it. Everyday is a new day and each individual face a different situations.

The governor of Puerto Rico allowed Puerto Ricans to go out to public areas, open places with great caution just to exercise and take a few minutes breaks. She informed the country that the beaches will will have limited used. Open only for a walk, a run, or exercise in the area. You were allowed to dive in only to refresh yourself, but not to stay and spend the day there or tan.

I wanted to take a closed look to the water and went to few places for a quick stop. I did take care of myself and others using my face mask and keeping an appropriate distance from others. Mostly I stayed at home. Saturday, Sunday and Monday, each day I drive around just to be out of the house and see the nature that surround this beautiful island.

Here are the places I visited:

On Saturday, I went to Corozal with my parents to pick my stepfather's car from the mechanic and then went for a quick drive-by of the coast between Dorado and Toa Baja.

I was able to stop on a spot and walk on the beach for about five minutes. It was the first time since the lock-down started that I was able to reconnect and feel the sand, the water on my feet and the breeze. The sound of the ocean, the waves crashing on the shore... it was simply amazing! Grateful for that moment!!!

Sunday, after visiting my grandparents and my dad, I went to the town of Cataño, I wanted to see how everything was in this area. I found a limber store 'Los Limbers de Mai' located in the city center behind 'Casa Cataño Food and Rum Therapy' right next door from 'Punto Sabroso, La Casa de los Rellenos'. I enjoyed the beautiful afternoon walking along the boardwalk. There are so many flavor to choose from I taste cream. It was perfect, since it was a hot day!

Monday, during the evening I drove to Dorado - this time I entered the city and also went back to Cataño. Here are the places I visited:

I went to the area known as Ojo del Buey, is a small recreational area facing a bay. The view here is really nice but you have to be careful walking around, the is a rocky area.

Along the main street of the town of Cataño to the end you will find a small entrance to throw the boats into the water and this is where this small pier is located. It have a spectacular view of the city of San Juan and the famous San Felipe del Morro.

It was a long weekend, a special memorial weekend with local trips that made this weekend so unique and priceless after all the isolation time at home. I am grateful for the weather, the beauty of the nature that surround my island, the special, simple moments lived this weekend. I was able to quickly sit down for 5 minutes, meditate and take in everything.

Many thanks to all of those that have fought for this great nation.

If you like share with me in the comment area below what you being doing during the past 3 months. I hope everything is good with you and wishing the best! Always good and positives vibes to you and your loves ones. Stay safe and healthy!

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